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Think Before You Eat

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Think Before You Eat

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A journey to complete health, taking the reader step by step to an understanding of the immune system and information to strengthen it. At age 29 Diane had problems with depression, arthritis, candida, stomach aches, irritable bowel, painful liver, TMJ and food allergies. She changed to a healthy vegetarian diet with any raw foods and in 4 months her "health problems were vanishing." Also her menstrual periods vanished--no cramping, no blood flow, no pain and no mood swings. Occasionally she would eat junk foods and the periods would come back and last a day. When she would go back to no junk food she would have 0 days of Menstruation. Later she became pregnant without a blood flow but unlike her previous pregnancy, this one resulted in a very easy birth.
Interview with R.C. Dini author of Nature's First Law:
"Everyone should read a book written by Diane Olive called Think Before You Eat. She has great stuff to say on that (menstruation) and other subjects."


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