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Opaline Dry Oxy 360 caps

Opaline Dry Oxy 360 caps | Herbs and Supplements

Opaline Dry Oxy 360 caps

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“Opaline® Dry Oxy is a dietary supplement that contains Dry Stabilized Oxygen used to increase available oxygen to the body through the digestive tract. Most people take it twice a day (before breakfast and before dinner) with a large 12 oz. glass of water. The use of gel caps is to designed to make sure that no moisture accesses and activates the oxygen before it is taken orally. This assures a long shelf life when stored properly. Dosage is determined by individual body weight (shown on the label) and duration is determined by individual situations which might require more oxygen.

A noticeable rise in energy is a big plus for people who exercise, work out, or have demands in their schedule requiring a boost in performance. Night shift workers like truckers, emergency workers, airline workers, and others love the extra energy they get to stay alert and adjust to the odd hours. People with brain fog generally will feel the difference in their mental acuity when taking the Opaline® Dry Oxy supplement.”


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