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I just thought I'd let you know that I ordered my Rabbit Air Filter! I'm so excited to get it. I also bought Diane Olive's book on Morgs and have been reading it. It's a treasure trove of great info and tips.

While I've been waiting for the filter to arrive, I experimented with some essential oils in my nebulizer diffuser to help with the floating white fibers. They are so bad in my bathroom, every time I enter and turn on the lights, here they come....like snow falling from the ceiling. They come at me in such an aggressive manner now... like I'm a fiber magnet....immediately trying to enter my nose & eyes (ugg). Anyway, I started diffusing a combo of essential oils in my bathroom, and let me tell you, they HATE it. As soon as I turn it on, they run from it like crazy. It keeps them at bay so I can bathe in peace, at least. I thought this might be helpful info for anyone else who's having a problem with the floating fibers.

I'm planning to get a couple more nebulizers so I can diffuse multiple rooms at once. In Diane's book, she mentioned using Cedar Mountain Oil in a nebulizer as an alternative to fogging the house with CedarCide. So, I'm going to try that.

Thanks again :)
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