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MPS Global Far Infrared Heating Pad

MPS Global Far Infrared Heating Pad

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1. FIR therapy may accelerate bone repair of a broken bone in half the time of normal healing.

2. Place the heating pad on your office chair or any chair that you sit in for any length of time. Studies have shown that using the far-infrared heating pad while sitting will reduce back pain and stiffness

3. Any other healing remedy, supplement, detox program that you utilize will be accelerated in its performance when combined with an MPS Global pure far infrared heat therapy.

4. MPS is the only manufacturer that holds the patent for creating pure far infrared heat. All other manufacturers on the market today are combining some other type of wave length like a mid or near range, or they are combining a convection heat source as well. This does affect the quality of the FIR wave length.

The HEATING PAD is designed to suit various situations with its lightweight, rigid flat design. It can be your personalized heat therapist. You can take it anywhere. The dimensions are 17"L X 24"W , 1/2 inch thick and weighs 2 lbs.

The HEATING PAD can be also used as a portable heater. In fact, it is the safest heater especially for young children because it is safe to touch with its ultra-thin Active Carbon Fibers™.

The temperature is now set by a rheostat dial. You should start by dialing the rheostat a small amount to determine the ranges between low, medium and high.

Do Not Bend the heating pad or make a crease at any time. It can break and will not be covered under the warranty. This pad is stiff so if it is too uncomfortable to lie on, it is just as effective to place it on top of you, on just a part of your body or prop directly to one side. It will radiate easily up to 5-6 feet from the pad, just be sure you are sitting in the line of sight to the heating panel. The FIR wave lengths do not bend.

The FIR heating pad's heat therapy is directly mainly toward one side, be sure the correct side is facing up when it is turned on. The solid side is the back of the pad so be sure this is the side facing down. 

Remember that ALL the MPS Global products are non-refundable but are under at least a 2 year warranty for defects. The defective equipment must be returned prior to any replacements being issued.

NOTE:This item takes 2 to 8 weeks for shipment.

Price: $450.00


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