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Spearmint Essential Oil - Mentha spicata 1oz

Spearmint Essential Oil - Mentha spicata 1oz

Spearmint Essential Oil
INCI: Mentha spicata

Flash Point: 122F

Spearmint is used as a flavoring for toothpaste and confectionery. In herbalism, spearmint is steeped as tea for treatment of stomach ache.

This sweet, minty oil offers a softer, more gentle energy than its botanical cousin peppermint. You can blend spearmint oil with lavender oil to make a calming bath for children.

Spearmint is a species of mint native to central and southern Europe, where it grows in wet soils. Mentha spicata, synonymous with M. viridis.

Spearmint is a herbaceous perennial plant growing 30 to 100 cm. tall, with leaves growing 5-9 cm. long and 1.5-3 cm. broad, having a serrated margin. The flowers are produced in slender spikes, and each flower is pink or white, and measures 2.5-3 mm. long and broad.

Hybrids involving spearmint include peppermint (Mentha piperita, hybrid with watermint M. aquatica), gingermint (Mentha gracilis, syn M. cardiaca, hybrid with cornmint Mentha arvensis), and large apple mint (Mentha villosa, hybrid with apple mint Mentha suaveolens).

It is widely stated that the name comes from the spear shaped leaves. Spearmint leaves, however, are no more spear shaped than any other mint leaf.

Spearmint is grown for its aromatic and carminative oil, referred to as oil of spearmint. It grows well in nearly all temperate climates. Gardeners often grow it in pots or planters due to its invasive spreading roots. The plant prefers partial shade, but can flourish in full sun to mostly shade. Loamy soils with plenty of organic material are best suited to spearmint. When growing spearmint for culinary purposes, fertilize with a well balanced fertilizer, organic composts, or manure. To harvest for culinary purposes, simply cut the branches, leaving a minimum of a third of the branch, which will encourage the plant to re-grow. The leaves will lose their aromatic appeal after the plant flowers. Spearmint leaves can be used whole, chopped, or dried.

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