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Your products.
Hi Gene,

Your products came packaged beautifully, as usual.
I love your cream and think it is slowly making some changes in my eyebrow wounds.

skin creme
This product rocks....I can almost live a normal life...the morgellons is not gone but my skin lesions are!


Gene,I am so happy that I found your website. I really enjoyed looking at the products that you have. I was looking for Oil Warmers and I went to Google and found you. I will be buying from you again real soon. VERY INTERESTING SITE! ! ! LOVED THIS SITE! ! ! ! !

customer service
I love ordering from you because I know that you provide excellent customer service and stand by your products.
Diatomaceous Earth
Thank you. Janet has let me use some of your product on my pets. I am amazed at the relief they get. I have always wanted to use natural products as opposed to chemical poisons. This is the answer. Thank you so much.
(MS) Elton

--(ms) Elton
The No Mor Gellons cream
The No Mor Gellons cream is awesome, Gene. The BEST!!


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