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Hi Gene--I love your no mor gellons cream!!!

Comments: The no mor gellons cream is great!
The no mor gellons cream is great! The best for relief of my skin problem so far,
thank you!

morgellons cream
No Mor Gellons cream has helped so much.
Thank you,

No Mor Gellones Cream is a fantastic skin barrier protection
We should call you "Genius Gene". Your new recipe is just fantastic!
Want you to know that we ordered four large containers of your fabulous No More Mor Gellons cream when it was on sale recently.
Its GREAT! A fantastic skin barrier protection and smells so good...feels good too!

Thank you so much,

I Am so happy I found your Products!
Hi Gene,

I am so happy I found your Products!
My Six year old daughter and I suffer from Morgellons.
This can be a very scary and confusing disease
process. Through your site I have found some
solutions. The menthol crystals are great for cleaning
the air. I like to use them in my closets ,at night in
the bedroom, and by the computer.
Many of my bumps/pimples have disappeared
with the use of your cream.
Not only is it great to find most of the things
I need at one place it's also wonderful that they are
delivered quickly within a few days. Thanks also for
being available to answer the many questions I have
and offering your suggestions. You are a wealth of information.

In Health,

Fast shipping
Just want to thank you for how promptly you have shipped out all of my orders--it's a real gift!

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