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Morgellons and Mites

Morgellons and Mites

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My mother and I contracted Mites and Morgellons in 2010 and now live a normal live with no more itching, open sores or debris coming off of our skin. We both copied what Gene did to help ourselves, added some new products and found it worked.
Diane Olive, Author of the book Think Before You Eat.

There could be many ways to create a healthier environment inside and out.

At Genes All Natural Products we have products that may be helpful for the air, skin, laundry and health.

Skin- NM Soothing Cream, Ayurvedic soap, Scrubing hand glove, learn more on the Morgellons tab.

Air- Menthol Crystals and the Glass Diffusers and Mountain Cedar oil and the Aroma Ace Diffuser, Cedar Super Clean, Click the tab to learn more about Menthal Crystals or Diffuser tab.

Laundry- N M Orange Clean Laundry Additive Concentrate, Cedar Clean, learn more on the Morgellons tab.

Health- Max GXL, Core Artemisia Blend by Energetixs, Cats Claw...look at the Morgellons tab.

Individuals who have endured typical Morgellons or Mites. products

  • skin lesions
  • intense itching
  • pimple-like sores
  • open wounds that heal very slowly
  • crawling sensations
  • stinging and biting sensations
  • fibers in and on skin lesions
  • skin granules
  • black specks or dots on or in the skin
  • fuzzballs
  • hyper-pigmented macules - dark spots spontaneously appearing on the skin

Mites/Morgellons- NM Soothing Cream, No Mor Gellons Laundry Additive, Cedar Super Clean, Menthol Crystals and the Glass Diffusers, Cedar oil and the Aroma Ace Diffuser and other products that may help.

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